Outrageous. Hilarious. Provocative. Witty. Challenging. Original. That's how audiences describe Silver Donald Cameron as a speaker.

“As a speaker, you've got to be entertaining,” Silver Donald nods. “Don't bore the audience! That's the first thing. But you're also there to get the blood flowing in their brains.

“They've come to a conference to explore ideas, to learn things, to get a feel for the stuff that life is going to throw at them next. Whether it's the economy, the environment, the labour market – everything's changing, it's a volatile world.

“So you've got to shake your audience out of their routine concerns and get them to be really present at the meeting or the conference, ready to engage with the topics they've come to discuss. Shake 'em up. Make 'em laugh. Shock them. Do whatever you can to open their minds so that fresh thoughts and concepts can get in.”

That's clearly a formula for successful speaking. Over the years, Silver Donald Cameron has entertained and stimulated scores of audiences for organizations like these:

     Canada Council
     Conference Board of Canada
     Heritage Canada
     Canadian Community Economic Development Network
     Canadian Conference of the Arts
     Institute of Certified Management Consultants
     Canadian Sailing Association
     Human Resources Development Canada
     Quebec Association of School Administrators
     Rural Ontario Council
     Canadian Heart Foundation
     Textiles Human Resources Council
     Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia
     Credit Union Centrals in all three Maritime provinces.

He has also delivered graduation addresses, lectures and papers at universities in Canada, the United States, Sweden, Denmark and England.


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