Off the Page with Lesley Choyce

ASN Version (01/31/2008)

Silver Donald Cameron discusses Sailing Away from Winter on Off the Page with Lesley Choyce.


BC Almanac

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CBC Vancouver radio interview from BC Almanac with host Mark Forsythe (06/15/2007)

"When you go sailing with writer Silver Donald Cameron, it's always an adventure. And a "how to" guide of boat repair, local history, tall tales - and a gale or two. This former British Columbian has been living on the East Coast for many years. Today he's back in BC to talk about his new book: SAILING AWAY FROM WINTER... From Nova Scotia to the Bahamas. Welcome aboard BC Almanac Donald."

- Mark Forsythe


Studio 4 (Shaw TV)

Silver Donald speaks with Fanny Keifer on Shaw TV's Studio 4. (05/29/2007).



CBC's Living East

Silver Donald's appearance on CBC's Living East (Episode 40 - 03/09/2007) to discuss Sailing Away From Winter.

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Podcast #79 (03/04/2007). Silver Donald tells a variety of stories about the trip which inspired Sailing Away From Winter.



My table at the Purgatory Cafe

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Silver Donald's interview with Craig Rintoul (01/22/2007)

"One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet really interesting writers almost all of whom are also really nice. In my years doing Bookbits, I have only met a handful of writers I wouldn't want to have over to my house for dinner.

Silver Donald Cameron is a definite dinner guest. He has been around for a very long time and my father loved his work."

- Craig Rintoul